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Whitney is a vibrant, happy sweet 20 year old.

She was taking dance classes at a local college pursuing a degree in performing arts. Her dreams were to be a dancer/actor.

Her world changed drastically November 2010, when she became gravely ill with sepsis from an unknown infection and was put on life support.

She was only given a 12% chance of surviving thru the weekend. Thru prayer, support from her family and her determination to live, she made it past that weekend. But she suffered catastrophic damage to her arms and legs.

Both legs had to be amputated just below the knees, and a week later both arms were amputated below the elbow, in order to save her life.

Doctors and nurses were amazed at her progress and her great attitude.

Yet through all of this tragedy, Whitney has maintained a positive spirit. She has her up and down days, but she always manages to keep a smile on her face.

Whitney said, "I can't just lay here and feel sorry for myself." "That's how I know my daughter CAN and WILL be able to accomplish her dreams!" As her mother has told her... "it's not a DISABILITY but your ABILITY to achieve your goals!"

A page was set up on Facebook, so prayers and messages could be left to encourage her. The outpouring of love has been great; people as far away as Canada, Germany, England, Australia, and Africa have all been touched by the courage and inspiration coming from something as simple as her smile.

"I can't just lay here and feel sorry for myself."

~ Whitney Mitchell